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Country Website Level 1

Country website about Congo, using level 01 HTML and CSS skills. View Live

Brochure Website Level 2

Business brochure website. Built with HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery View Live

City Website Level 3

Discover the beautiful Monaco. Built with HTML5, CSS3, jQuery & PHP. View Live

Mini Group Project Level 4

Welcome! Chez Adria. Built with HTML5 & CSS3. View Live

Responsive Blog Level 5

Drop a line; poetic site .Built with HTML5, CSS3, jQuery & JavaScript. View Live

JavaScript Game

Have fun with ...Built with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript & jQuery. View Live

jQuery/JavaScript Tutorial Site

Built with HTML5, jQuery & JavaScript. View Live

PHP Project

PHP login form backed up with SQL databases and MySQLi Object Oriented Programming. View Live


No Wordpress Work will be displayed here.

Internal Client

Group project website for the Technical Web Design Program. View Live

External Client

Coming Soon.


Check out my offical portfolio live. View Live

Photoshop Mockup

my photoshop mockup... View Live

Balsamiq Wireframes

Wireframes done in balsamiq View Live

UX Design Brief

User Experience Project View Live

Illustrator Drawing Toriko

Konoyono subete no shokuzai ni kansha wo komete... ITADAKIMASU! View Live

Illustrator Doodling Charizard

Check out my charizard lvl 100. View Live


Hello! how nice of you to come. Me name is Marrion Luaka; I'm a congolese born web deisgner based in metro vancouver. I enjoy front-end coding, back-end coding, anything coding haha.

On my spare time I like to relax, drink tea and read the good book. I'm also very fond of learning new things be it coding, cooking, dancing? you name it!


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